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New! MB-335 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert

Exam MB 335 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert

Microsoft has recently announced that the new Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert certification, together with the accompanying MB-335 exam, is now available.

This brand-new certification is aimed at expert or senior supply chain functional consultants, senior or principal functional consultants for Microsoft partners, as well as expert IT professionals, developers, or information workers. This certification is right for you if you have plenty of experience implementing and configuring the advanced features of D365 Supply Chain Management.

Microsoft has developed this certification to closely align with roles and responsibilities in the real world and provides supply chain consultants with the opportunity to have their skillset formally recognized on a certification path.

How to earn the certification MB 335 Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert

Microsoft states:  “Candidates for this exam are expert or senior supply chain functional consultants who implement and configure advanced features of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to meet the requirements of a business. They have an advanced knowledge of supply chain management operations, including production, logistics, master planning, and asset management. The candidate will identify use cases for applying mixed reality.”

The prerequisites for achieving this certification include passing Exam MB-330: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant, as well as passing the exam MB-335 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert exam. Note indeed that you are not required to pass the MB-300 Core; probably a sigh of relief here and there, as not all functional consultants appreciate the full MB-300 Core content with some quite technical areas.


You can already now find our first training classes scheduled:


MB-335 content

Implement product information for production

  • Configure planning items, co-products, and by-products for batch orders
  • Configure catch weight handling policies
  • Configure inventory batches, batch attributes, and lot inheritance
  • Manage product compliance including regulated and restricted items
  • Define configuration groups and routes for dimension-based products
  • Manage products with dimension-based, constraint-based, and pre-defined variants
  • Configure bills of materials (BOMs), formulas, and routes to manage scrap

Implement Product Configurator for Dynamics 365

  • Create and manage product configuration model components and subcomponents
  • Create calculations for product configuration models
  • Differentiate between table and expression constraints
  • Configure BOM lines and route operations for a product configuration model
  • Configure and manage pricing for configuration models
  • Describe the purpose and capabilities of the product configurator
  • Validate, approve, and test product configuration models

Implement Engineering Change Management

  • Design an engineering product lifecycle
  • Configure engineering categories
  • Configure product readiness policies and product release policies
  • Create an engineering product with engineering attributes
  • Review and accept released products to a local company
  • Add engineering products to a sales order, purchase orders and production orders
  • Schedule and implement engineering change requests and change orders

Configure production prerequisites (20–25%)

Configure resources, routes, and calendars

  • Implement and manage work calendars and working time
  • Create and configure resource capabilities
  • Implement and manage resources and resource groups
  • Create and manage operations and routes

Configure production settings and processes

  • Create production units, production groups, production pools, and production journal names
  • Describe integration between general ledger and production control modules
  • Manage reservations in production process, including partial reservations and re-reservations
  • Configure warehouse processes for raw materials picking and finished goods put away
  • Describe unified (mixed mode) manufacturing
  • Configure production control parameters
  • Describe production and batch order process statuses

Implement costing

  • Configure costing sheets and indirect costs
  • Configure and manage cost groups, costing versions, and cost categories
  • Configure cost allocations for co-products and burden allocation for by-products
  • Configure and perform BOM/formula calculations
  • Activate item prices
  • Describe production posting profiles
  • Describe common sources of production variances
  • View and analyze production and inventory costs

Implement production methods (15–20%)

Implement discrete manufacturing

  • Create BOM and item configurations
  • Create and process production orders
  • Create and process picking list journals
  • Create and process job card and route card journals
  • Create and process reports as finished journals
  • Reset the status of a production order
  • Describe use cases and configure production-related reservations

Implement process manufacturing

  • Configure batch reservations and release to warehouse process
  • Configure consolidated batch order processes
  • Manage batch balancing and batch order sequencing
  • Configure formulas features
  • Create and process report as finished journals with co-products and by-products
  • Create and process batch orders and a rework batch order
  • Create formulas and formula versions

Implement lean manufacturing

  • Create value streams and production flows
  • Configure production flow costing
  • Create kanban rules
  • Process kanban orders by using kanban boards
  • Create and manage fixed, scheduled, and event kanbans

Configure production control (20–25%)

Implement subcontracting

  • Describe use cases for subcontracting processes
  • Implement activity-based subcontracting
  • Configure BOM and formula lines, resources, and routes for subcontracting items
  • Create service items for subcontracting
  • Create and process subcontracting purchase orders

Implement manufacturing execution

  • Configure time and attendance prerequisites and activate workers for time registration
  • Identify the capabilities of manufacturing execution
  • Process production and batch orders by using manufacturing execution processes
  • Configure production floor execution interface and job card terminals
  • Calculate and approve time registrations

Implement advanced master planning scenarios

  • Process and view planned orders
  • Configure intercompany master planning
  • Configure forecast models and parameters
  • Run demand forecasting and adjust as appropriate
  • Execute explosion and validate results
  • Describe how supply chain calendars affect master planning

Implement production scheduling and capacity planning

  • Define scheduling parameters
  • View, monitor, and update production schedules
  • Configure capacity for production resources including machines, labor, and tooling
  • Describe infinite and finite scheduling and capacity
  • Describe differences between operations and job scheduling

Describe and implement additional supply chain management features (10–15%)

Describe cloud and edge scale units

  • Describe the value proposition for scale units for warehouse workloads
  • Describe warehouse management processes that can run on a scale unit
  • Describe manufacturing processes that can run on a scale unit

Describe use cases for integrating mixed reality technologies with Dynamics

  • Describe use cases for Dynamics 365 Guides
  • Describe the process for integrating mixed reality Dynamics 365 Guides with manufacturing processes
  • Describe the process for integrating mixed reality Dynamics 365 Guides with asset management

Implement Asset Management

  • Configure maintenance plans
  • Configure functional locations
  • Manage maintenance requests
  • Manage work orders consumption
  • Manage work order scheduling

MB-335 training courses and materials

Training courses

MB-335 SCM Functional Consultant Expert | D365FO | Classroom dates

MB-335 SCM Functional Consultant Expert | D365FO | Live Online Class dates

Training materials and resources

We will keep you updated with training materials and resources aimed at helping you to pass the exam and achieve the MB-335 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert certification. 

Study Guide Exam MB-335: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert

Training environment (VM) | MB-335 Supply Chain Management Expert | 180 days availability

MB-320 exam to be retired

This new certification means that Microsoft retired the MB-320 Supply Chain Management Manufacturing exam end June 2023. 


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