Customized training

We combine extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, a proven teaching methodology, and the very best-in-class teaching technologies.

Our intellectual curiosity helps us tailor training programmes specifically to your business challenges, corporate culture, and existing skill levels.

Unique in our line of business, we focus only on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX training.

Nothing else.


Customer statement on our customized training solution:

“Fujitsu needed to upgrade System Administrators to 365 F&O. They had built environments and provided technical support on AX for several years.

AXcademy provided dedicated virtual/online sessions, deep technical insight, and valuable experience on topics like LCS, Azure Dev Ops, Power Apps, RSAT, and the framework “supporting” the 365 F&O in general.

Sessions were highly appreciated by our “students”.”

What’s involved?

To prepare for your customized training, we recommend the following path:

  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Measure
  • Validate
  • Maintain.

Watch our video to understand why AXcademy is the right training partner for you.

Why choose AXcademy?

  • Our flexible virtual learning environment enables you to learn online in your own time, in your own place wherever you might be.
  • We’re specialists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and AX; since we focus solely on these products, our training is comprehensive and kept up-to-date with the latest updates.
  • Our expert trainers have decades of experience both teaching and working with Microsoft Dynamics in the real world; they understand the challenges businesses face.
  • Because life and business is not just about passing exams, we’ll give you the knowledge and skills you can apply in real-life scenarios after you have finished the course.


Blended Learning

What is "Blended Learning"

Blended learning is a natural development to the growing accessibility of eLearning, online resources and the continued need for a human component in the learning experience. 

A blended learning approach ensures that the learner is engaged and driving his or her individual learning experience.

This approach also helps cater to the individual needs of the learner, most students have unique learning styles and a blended approach is more likely to cater to those needs than a traditional classroom teaching experience

[TeachThought The Benefits of Blended Learning]

AXcademy Blended Learning Example Overview all phases

Some of the content types used in our training

Explore the Video Lectures

Follow our instructors presenting the topic, navigating the system and clarify the various aspects in D365FO.


Test your knowledge

Plenty of questions scattered across the lessons

Keep your learning in memory

Use them constantly to keep your new-found learning in memory

Practice test

Summarizing it all - and scoring you, too!

Getting closer to do the real thing

Your chance of checking, if you are ready to move on to the real test


Try a free demo of the official practice test

Just like the real thing

This free practice test sampler is as close as it gets

Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing teaches a topic better than problem solving. Our practices present a problem and encourage you to solve it hands-on in your D365FO – using your newly acquired skills. And rest assured, that the solution is at hand for you as well.

Important FAQ

May 05, 2020.

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The price will be displayed at course launch on May 05, 2020.

Why not sign-up for our newsletter – to be updated and receive launch offers? Click here for newsletter sign-up

Yes, to cater for all learning styles, we offer a variety of content – including videos

As part of the course, we offer test-your-knowledge questions/quizzes.

At the end of the course, you can also do a self-assessment test, which is scored.

No, unfortunately we are currently unable to offer hosted environments. 

Your could still learn loads from the course without access to a live D365FO.

But of course, to do the practices hands-on, you need an environment.


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