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What’s happening with the MB-300 Core exam?

Microsoft will retire the MB-300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations exam on February 29, 2024. Microsoft has explained that it intends to streamline the certification process, which means candidates will no longer have to pass two exams to achieve an associate-level certification. Instead, they can focus on one comprehensive exam, allowing for a more focused and less cumbersome certification journey.

The example used in the illustration below is for MB-310 Finance. Think similarly for MB-330 Supply Chain Management and for MB-500 Apps Developer:

Dynamics exam MB 300 Core retires a word about the MB and certifications

When is the latest I can take the exam?

The last day to take the MB-300 exam is February 29, 2024. If you've been preparing for this exam as a prerequisite for earning a certification, ensure you pass it before the mentioned date.

What will happen with other certifications, such as the MB-310 Finance and MB-330? Will there be a replacement for the MB-300 core?

According to Microsoft, the retirement of the MB-300 exam will not result in the creation of a new exam to replace it. After its retirement, it will simply be removed from the requirements for earning certifications, and no direct replacement is planned.

For the MB-310 Finance and MB-330 Supply Chain Management exams, candidates will then only need to pass these individual exams to earn the associated associate certifications. The fundamental MB-300 content, where applicable, is likely to be integrated into other related exams and certifications to maintain the relevancy and comprehensiveness of the finance and operations apps’ learning pathways.

The retirement of the MB-300 Core exam is a strategic move by Microsoft to simplify and streamline the certification processes, making it less daunting for candidates to achieve certifications in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. (For years, I have asked for this to happen. The MB-300 content has never been fit and proper from my point of view, being way too ambitious for most functional consultants.)

Why it’s still worth taking the MB-300 Core exam

The MB-300 provides a solid foundation and a broader understanding of Dynamics 365, which can be a valuable asset, even if it's not a specific job requirement.

Ensure that you plan your certification journey keeping in mind the changes and retirement date to make the most out of your learning and certification pursuits.

If you pass the MB-300 before its retirement, along with other required exams for your certification pathway, you will earn the certification, which will remain active for one year. Holding this certification will demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations, helping you to stand out in the competitive IT landscape.

It could still be worth taking the MB-300 Core exam if:

  1. You are well-prepared, and taking the exam aligns with your immediate certification and career goals i.e. you want to achieve another certification before February 2024.
  2. You value the broad foundational knowledge that the MB-300 exam offers and it complements your career path
  3. Passing the MB-300 can be an essential stepping stone for those planning to transition towards expert certifications. It provides the necessary core knowledge required for higher-level exams.

If you are planning to take the exam, we have resources to help you pass, including an on-demand course and training environment (VM).

My personal view, a word of caution, and a piece of advice:

Microsoft could have kept the MB-300 Core exam, or better split it into two (Application / Technical) – and then removed passing the exam as a requirement for any Associate certifications.

I think the future will see a new exam somewhere between the MB-920 Fundamentals and the domain specifics MB-310 Finance, MB-330 Supply Chain Management, etc.

A word of caution, and a piece of advice

If you pass Exam MB-310/MB-330/etc. but not yet Exam MB-300, be sure to pass Exam MB-300 before it retires on February 29, 2024. Otherwise, you’ll need to retake Exam MB-310/MB-330/etc.

My advice: Wait until March 01 to do Exam MB-310/MB-330/etc. – unless you already have passed or are studying to pass MB-300



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