What Is Cortana Analytics And What Can It Do For You

Cortana analytics is a cloud based ecosystem hosted in Microsoft Azure for building and deploying advanced analytical solutions and scalable and elastic data warehousing solutions.

The data workflow from data capture to storage, analytical processing and transformation to modeling and deployment is covered by cloud based services that are intended to be combined to gather events and data and convert them into actionable intelligence.

It is a fully managed advanced analytics and big data suite that enables users to convert data into intelligent action. The Cortana Analytics suites provides real time recommendations, fraud detection, customer churn forecasting, predictive maintenance and other core analytics scenarios.

Cortana analytics enables users to look at real time actionable data and helps them take action before their competitors can. It also enhances business applications with machine intelligence evolving form descriptive analytics to more advanced prescriptive recommendations.

The Cortana Analytics Suite features a set of data-oriented offerings that include:
• Power BI
• Azure Data Factory
• Azure Data Catalog
• Azure Machine Learning
• Azure Stream Analytics
• Azure SQL Data Warehouse
• Azure Data Lake
• Azure HDInsight
• Cortana
• Azure Event Hub

Cortana Analytics Suite comes with Cortana, a personal digital assistance that enables your business to get things done in a more proactive, and helpful way. It helps you by learning about your business requirements over a period of time. It is highly helpful when converting data into intelligent action. Cortana interacts with users with natural speech and language. It is proactive, because it can analyze businesses and customer data to suggest helpful actions, insights and trends.

Cortana analytics suite marks the next generation in analytical tools and takes business intelligence to a whole new level.

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