All You Need To Know About Management Reporter For Microsoft Dynamics

All You Need To Know About Management Reporter For Microsoft Dynamics

Management Reporter is an interactive reporting tool that helps create, maintain, share, and view financial reports conveniently. Business organizations can use Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics to improve financial reporting and streamline communication between finance users. Unlike conventional reporting tools, Management Reporter allows you to create different types of financial reports to suit the exact requirements of your business.

Business organization can use this tool to keep track of the company’s financial performance. This is very useful tool for business and financial professionals for making comparison between profit projections, visualizing results, collating data from disparate general ledgers, and analyzing performance inconsistency. With Management Reporter, professionals can keep updated with the financial status and requirements of an organization and make informed business decisions in a timely manner. This also helps them comply with the regulatory requirements.

With Management Reporter, you can expect to get real time, flawless, and the latest financial reports from a single point source on time, every time. This interactive reporting application helps collate financial information from a wide variety of sources and combine them into one financial report, allowing you to gain insight into the financial status of your business.


Management Reporter is easy to learn and use. This robust reporting tool provides you the following benefits.

Provides integrated view of the business – Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics collects fiscal data from various general ledger companies, so as to provide you an integrated view of your business.

Safe and convenient report distribution – With Management Reporter, you can easily generate, share, and view accurate and timely financial reports, with in-depth analysis and detailed statements. This helps your business users make informed business decisions.

Complying with regulatory requirements – With Management Reporter, financial data is managed from a single-point database following business rules and safety standards. This helps your company to comply with international financial reporting standards (IFRS), generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP), and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Improves collaboration with IT – Management Reporter has this ability to create, organize and customize financial statements. So your IT support team does not require spending time on this. They can focus more on developing the necessary infrastructure and database to help users get access to more organized, specific, and up-to-date information.

Major Features

Here’s a look at some major features of Management Reporter that helps enhance financial reporting.

Ease of generating and customizing financial statements: With Management Reporter, it takes only seven steps to create the main financial reports, including income statements and trial balance. You can also customize your reports, using the included supplementary templates for cash flow statements and balance sheet.

Financial intelligence: Management Reporter displays a graphical view to define hierarchy and a worksheet view to provide information specific to a reporting unit. Users also have access to comparative reports, which allow them to gain an insight into financial status and trend of a business.

Various options for accessing reports: Management Reporter allows users to view financial reports in many ways. For instance, reports can be exported to excel or RDL. You can also access via the Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 Report Center.

Some other important features include ability to create cross-enterprise reports and integrate with general ledger system.

This might after all not be all you need to know about Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics AX…

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