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Dynamics AX 7

New Features in Dynamics AX 7

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2015)

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the premiere ERP package included in the Microsoft Dynamics Suite. The latest version of Dynamics AX has been code named Dynamics AX7 Rainer and is now – after the usual postponements – expected to be released by the end of Q1 2016. The first live preview was presented at Convergence 2015, and since then speculations have been on about what features would be included in this much awaited version. While we cannot say with certainty as to what features will be there, but it is expected that there will be a big upgrade and some exciting changes affecting interfaces, deployment and may be licensing. Here is a sneak peek into some of the features that are expected in Dynamics AX7.

Cloud-first application

Microsoft has announced that the latest version would be a cloud-first application, which is pretty much in line with the other Microsoft flagship products. Dynamics AX would take full advantage of the Windows Server, Microsoft Cloud OS and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Microsoft has announced that AX7 2015 will launch only on Azure initially. Moving it onto Azure and the cloud would make it easier to integrate systems with other cloud based products such as Office 365 and would make it easier to use Dynamics across multiple devices globally.

Mobile Access

Industry experts believe that Dynamics AX 7 would be available across a variety of mobile devices and would be operational on almost every tablet or smartphone. This would come as a boon for anyone who wants to access the business data anytime and from anywhere. This would also enable business owners to make informed decisions while on the move.

New Web-Based Client

Dynamics AX7 would be accessible through a web base client and not through a Windows desktop client, which would enable shared in users to access the Dynamics database through a browser without having to install customized applications on different devices. This will improve business collaboration and increase productivity.

Superior Lifecycle Services Management

With Dynamics AX 7 release we should expect superior lifecycle services management. Microsoft is expected to maintain and expand on the existing Lifecycle services. This would mean better quality and reliability of Dynamics implementation in any business. Better lifecycle services mean that it would be easier to roll out new custom features.

Incremental Updates
Just like many other cloud first applications, Dynamics AX 7 too would have incremental updates rather than version based releases. Microsoft would replace the versioning system with a deployment platform based approach. Every dynamics platform would receive updates automatically when necessary and there will be no re-release of the entire software.

Subscription-Based Licensing
It is expected that the Dynamics AX 7 would come with a licensing system based on subscriptions, which would make things much more flexible. This would be beneficial for businesses that have high fluctuations in volume. It would save them of the need to buy extra licenses which they might never use.

Of course, there will be much more to the Dynamics AX 7 than these few changes listed above. Stay tuned for more news, knowledge and updates.

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