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Whether you're already using Dynamics 365 or want to boost your career by earning the MB-310 Finance certification, gaining this valuable certification can enhance your skills and open up new opportunities.

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Interactive Real-Time Online Classes: Led by our Microsoft-certified experts, experience the next best thing to in-person training, all from the comfort of your home or office.

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Practice for the Exam: Included is the official practice test from MeasureUp, preparing you thoroughly for the real thing.

Effective learning methodology

Our proven learning methodology “Prepare-Participate-Practice” offers a structured and supportive learning journey.

The live sessions are just the beginning, you'll also benefit from a variety of additional learning resources to significantly enhance your overall learning experience.

  • Prepare: e.g. by watching a video.
  • Participate: Be an active part of the live sessions.
  • Practice: Maintain and extend your learning after the live course.

We'll equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and ensure a learning journey far beyond the training sessions.

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Your course instructor is our training lead Finn Nielsen-Friis (MCT). 


What you get

This comprehensive training package ensures that you are ready for the exam MB-310:

  • Link to Dashboard in AXcademy – one-stop for all information
    • Overview of courses
    • Links to live sessions
    • Preparation materials
    • Live recordings and presentations used
    • Practice exercises
  • Videos, presentations, et al.
  • Live sessions – 5 days each with 2 x 3-hour live sessions
  • Recorded live sessions (accessible for 30 days after the course)
  • Presentations used
  • Hands-on exercises, deep dive documentation, et al.
  • The Microsoft Certified Official preparation test from MeasureUp –  Practice and practice again, until you are ready for the exam.
    • Your practice test is available for 180 days .
  • Standard MB-310 VM (D365FO training environments/sandboxes with standard “Contoso” demo data) for each student
    • Your VM is available for 180 days.

Curriculum MB-310 Finance

Set up and configure financial management

Define and configure the chart of accounts

  • Describe use cases for financial dimensions
  • Define and configure the chart of accounts and main accounts
  • Describe use cases for main accounts categories, ledger account aliases, and balance control accounts
  • Configure financial dimensions and dimension sets
  • Configure legal entity overrides for financial dimensions and main accounts
  • Create and configure account structures and advanced rules
  • Configure financial tags
  • Configure derived dimensions and financial dimension default templates
  • Configure accounts for automatic transactions

Configure ledgers and currencies

  • Configure and manage fiscal calendars, years, and periods
  • Configure the ledger
  • Describe and configure batch transfer rules
  • Set up currencies and conversions for a legal entity
  • Configure currency exchange types and rates

Implement and manage journals

  • Describe options for implementing voucher numbers in journals
  • Configure journal names
  • Set up journal controls and posting restriction rules
  • Describe and configure journal workflow approvals
  • Create voucher templates
  • Describe use cases for periodic journals and deferrals
  • Configure and apply accrual schemes
  • Set up intercompany accounting
  • Create templates to edit journals in Microsoft Excel
  • Perform reversing entries

Implement and manage cash and bank

  • Create and maintain bank groups and bank accounts
  • Describe electronic payment formats
  • Configure and process bank reconciliations including advanced bank reconciliations
  • Configure the cash flow forecast setup
  • Configure the cash flow automation setup
  • Enable and configure summarized bank transactions for vendor and customer payments

Implement cost accounting and cost management

  • Describe cost accounting processes and terms
  • Describe and configure the costing sheet including indirect costs
  • Configure cost groups
  • Implement inventory costing versions
  • Differentiate between inventory costing methodologies
  • Configure item model groups
  • Configure item groups and inventory posting profiles
  • Perform inventory closing and adjustment processes
  • Configure cost categories
  • Set up inventory value reports

Perform periodic processes

  • Define and demonstrate periodic closing processes and end-of-year processes
  • Perform financial consolidation and elimination processes
  • Describe use cases and options for performing allocations
  • Implement foreign currency revaluation processes
  • Create and manage financial reports including modifying row, column, report definitions, and reporting tree

Configure, collect, and report taxes

  • Configure tax groups, tax codes, settlement periods, and jurisdiction
  • Configure tax ledger posting groups
  • Settle and post sales tax
  • Configure withholding tax groups, tax codes, and authorities

Implement accounts receivable, credit, collections, and revenue recognition

Implement and manage accounts receivable

  • Set up customers and customer groups
  • Configure and process free text invoices
  • Process sales order invoices and credit memos
  • Configure customer payment setup
  • Configure accounts receivable charges
  • Manage customer holds
  • Set up customer posting profiles
  • Process customer payments
  • Enable and configure customer change approvals
  • Perform foreign currency revaluation

Manage credit and collections

  • Configure credit management processes
  • Configure collections management processes
  • Manage delinquent customers
  • Prepare and send customer account statements
  • Manage customer credit limits and credit holds
  • Set up and process collection letters and interest notes
  • Configure aging definitions
  • Process aged balances

Configure revenue recognition

  • Configure journals and parameters for revenue recognition
  • Configure and implement revenue schedules
  • Enter and process revenue recognition transactions
  • Configure and use bundles

Implement and manage accounts payable and expenses

Implement and manage accounts payable

  • Configure invoice validation policies and invoice matching setup
  • Set up vendor groups, vendors and vendor posting profiles
  • Process purchase order invoices and credit memos
  • Configure vendor payments including payment terms, method of payments, and payment calendars
  • Configure accounts payable charges and apply changes to an invoice
  • Configure bank accounts and bank account approvals for vendors
  • Enable and configure vendor change approvals
  • Perform foreign currency revaluation
  • Configure vendor invoices and payment automation
  • Process the vendor invoice journal including voyage cost

Configure and use expense management

  • Configure expense management including categories, per diem options, mileage expenses, intercompany expenses, and personal expenses
  • Configure workflows for expense management
  • Describe use cases for expense management policies and the audit workbench
  • Describe and configure credit card processing
  • Create and manage expense reports
  • Configure and manage cash advance settings
  • Create and manage travel requisitions

Manage budgeting

Implement basic budgeting

  • Configure budgeting components including budget models, codes, allocation terms, and transfer rules
  • Create and configure budget register entries
  • Compare budgeted values with actual values
  • Implement budget register entry workflows

Configure and manage budget controls

  • Configure budget controls including budget parameters, budget fund availability options, budget control rules and groups, and over-budget permissions
  • Perform budget checks on documents and journals
  • Configure budget cycle time spans
  • Activate or deactivate budget control configurations

Configure and process budget plans

  • Define a budget planning process
  • Create or generate a budget plan
  • Configure budget planning by using scenarios, stages, allocation stages, stage allocations, and templates
  • Create a budget plan template
  • Configure and manage a budget planning workflow

Manage fixed assets

Implement and manage fixed assets

  • Create fixed asset groups and other fixes asset attributes
  • Configure fixed asset posting profiles
  • Configure fixed asset parameters
  • Describe the fixed asset lifecycle
  • Configure fixed asset books
  • Configure depreciation profiles
  • Create and manage fixed asset
  • Manage fixed asset groups and books mapping

Process fixed asset transactions

  • Process fixed asset disposal by using free text invoices
  • Process fixed asset acquisitions by using purchase orders, journals, and projects
  • Create fixed asset budgets and transfer the budgets to the budgeting module
  • Process fixed asset depreciation
  • Process fixed asset disposals and other transactions by using the fixed asset journal
  • Process fixed asset split, reclassification, and transfer

Implement asset leasing

  • Configure asset leasing
  • Manage asset leases
  • Analyze asset lease reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Our proven learning methodology “Prepare-Participate-Practice” (3P) ensures you the best possible learning experience and a long-term learning journey.

The live online sessions are focused 3 hour sessions, with additional pre- and post-training included – at no additional cost to you.

These additional learning options elevate your learning intake dramatically.


Before each course, we ask the students to prepare – for example by watching a video. This is to ensure that the students have the same or similar understanding of the scope of the upcoming training, and the terminology to be used.


Each live course session is a focused 3-hour live online session, led by one of our experienced, Microsoft and ExFlow-approved instructors.


Maintain and extend your learning after the live course session:
• The live sessions are recorded for review again and again
• Additional videos
• Hands-on labs – with separate suggested step-by-step guidance/solutions
• Support (Q&A).

More details about 3P her

Yes. A high-quality VM is available for the course – complete with Microsoft standard Contoso demo data.
It is available during your class, and also for practice after the class.

Your training environment is available for 180 days from your activation (typically on or before the first course date).

To ensure your exam success, we even include the one and only Microsoft Certified Official preparation test for you – from MeasureUp –  absolutely free of charge (value EUR +99)!
Practice and practice again, until you are ready for the exam.

All objectives of the exam are covered in depth so you'll be ready for any question on the exam.

Your practice test is available for 180 days from your activation (typically on or before the first course date).

Your entire course, the Prepare-Participate-Practice sections – including the recorded sessions – are available for 30 days after the course has finished.

Your training environment as well as your practice test are available for 180 days from your activation (typically on or before the first course date).

We try to make each course varied – to keep it lively and to address the various learner types. Some want to watch, some want to read.

Content types may vary per course, but typically include

  • Live presentations and demonstrations by your instructor
  • Hands-on labs/exercises
  • Presentation/PDF
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes/Test your knowledge questions
  • and more

We add courses on a frequent basis.

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