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  • Comprehensive Learning: Master every aspect of Dynamics 365's finance, including General ledger, vendor invoices and fixed assets..

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  • Supportive Learning Journey: It's more than live sessions; we offer a full learning journey with extra resources to boost your understanding and skills.


  • The basics of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
  • General Ledger 1
  • General Ledger 2
  • Sales Tax
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable & Credit and Collections
  • Cash & Bank Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Budgeting & Expense Management

Proven learning methodology

Our proven learning methodology “Prepare-Participate-Practice” ensures you the best possible learning experience and a long-term learning journey.

It is not just the live session; the additional learning options elevate your learning intake dramatically.

Read more details about “Prepare-Participate-Practice” in the FAQ

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The basics of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Discover how Dynamics 365 Finance enables business users to stay in control of finances and manage funds with accurate information for financial planning and forecasting.

This course has multiple demoes, that shows example flows in the various financial modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and more.

This is giving the fundamental D365 Finance understanding training, the foundation or learning in the other financial courses.

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General Ledger 1

Configuration is in focus on this course. The General ledger module is the heart of financial management, and in this course, you will earn all the required set-up and configuration to make Finance work. The core Ledger screen, Chart Of Accounts, Financial Dimensions, Fiscal Calendars, Exchange Rate Types, Journal Names, Number Sequences, Parameters, and more

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General Ledger 2

Procedures are in focus on this course. 

General ledger module is the heart of financial management, and in this course, you will learn all the required procedures; Daily and Periodic, including Journal posting, working with templates and other tools (Allocations, Accruals, etc.) to ease the daily chores, period end need and nice, as well as Financial reporting. 

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Sales Tax

Set-up, configuration as well as daily and periodic tasks are covered in this course.

The D365FO sales tax framework supports many types of indirect taxes, such as sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), unit-based fees, and withholding tax. These taxes are calculated and documented during purchase and sales transactions. Periodically, they must be reported and paid to tax authorities.

This course covers the Sales Tax framework; apart from a few examples, it is beyond the scope of this course to address all the local requirements across the world.  

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Accounts Payable

This course covers Set up and  configuration, as well as daily and periodic tasks.

Vendor master data, Payment setup, Posting profile, Invoice receipt and posting including invoice matching.

Payment and settelment of vendor invoices, including Payment proposal and payment journals.

Procurement, including Purchase orders, is covered in a separate course.

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Accounts Receivable & Credit and Collections

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer master data
  • Posting profiles
  • Set-up free-text invoice templates and recurring invoices
  • Set up payments and settlements
  • Payment and settlement of customer invoices, free-text invoices

Credit and Collections

  • Credit and Collections workspace
  • Collection letter sequence
  • Interest codes
  • Daily and periodic tasks in Credit and Collections

Note: Sales orders, including Quotations, are covered in a separate course

There are no upcoming events.

Cash & Bank Management

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Bank accounts
  • Bank account transactions
  • Bank management workspace
  • Settlement overview
  • Advanced bank reconciliation

There are no upcoming events.

Fixed Assets

Set-up and configuration

  • Fixed assets, Fixed asset groups, Books, Depreciation profiles, Depreciation methods
  • Posting profile
  • Parameters

Daily and periodic tasks

  • Fixed asset workspace
  • Fixed asset Creation,  Acquisition, Depreciation, Disposal.
  • Reporting


There are no upcoming events.

Budgeting & Expense Management


  • Budget
  • Budget control
  • Budget planning

Expense management

  • Set-up and configure Policies, Workflows, Delegation, Categories.
  • Daily and periodic tasks, incl. Expense reports: Create, Approve, Post.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our proven learning methodology “Prepare-Participate-Practice” (3P) ensures you the best possible learning experience and a long-term learning journey.

The live online sessions are focused 3 hour sessions, with additional pre- and post-training included – at no additional cost to you.

These additional learning options elevate your learning intake dramatically.


Before each course, we ask the students to prepare – for example by watching a video. This is to ensure that the students have the same or similar understanding of the scope of the upcoming training, and the terminology to be used.


Each live course session is a focused 3 hour live online session, led by one of our experienced, Microsoft and ExFlow-approved instructors.


Maintain and extend your learning after the live course session:
• The live sessions are recorded for review again and again
• Additional videos
• Hands-on labs – with separate suggested step-by-step guidance/solutions
• Support (Q&A).

More details about 3P here

Yes. A high-quality VM is available for the course – complete with Microsoft standard Contoso demo data.
It is available during your class, and also for practice after the class.

Your entire course, the Prepare-Participate-Practice sections – including the recorded sessions – are available for 30 days after the course has finished.

Your training environment is availble for 180 days from your activation (typically on or before the first course date).

We try to make each course varied – to keep it lively and to address the various learner types. Some want to watch, some want to read.

Content types may vary per course, but typically include

  • Live presentations and demonstrations by your instructor
  • Hands-on labs/exercises
  • Presentation/PDF
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes/Test your knowledge questions
  • and more

We add courses on a frequent basis.

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