6.15: Exercise – Direct Delivery (SCM P1 M6L15)

Contoso Entertainment Systems – Company USMF


Day 1: The customer, Forest Wholesales, calls and orders 1,200 pieces of item number M0052. The Order Processor at Contoso Entertainment Systems notices that there are not enough of item number M0052 in stock and decides—given the geographical closeness of the vendor to the customer and the urgency of the order—to create a sales order of direct delivery.

Day 2: Forest Wholesales calls and changes the delivery address of the sales order to New address – 456 Blue Road Borrego Springs, Cable, OH 43009, USA.

Day 6: You receive notification from the vendor that 500 of the 1,200 pieces of M0052 are delivered. Therefore, you post the Purchase order packing slip.

Challenge Yourself!

  1. Create the sales order as specified in Day 1 of the scenario.
  2. Update the delivery address as specified in Day 2 of the scenario.
  3. Update the purchase order according to the delivery that is specified on Day 6, and then post the Purchase order packing slip.

Need a Little Help?

  • To create an order of Direct delivery type from the sales order header, click Direct delivery in the New group of the Action Pane.
  • For the update on Day 2, follow these steps:
  • Update the delivery address on the sales order.
  • Open the attached purchase order and make sure that the delivery address is updated.
  • For the update on Day 6, follow these steps:
  • In the purchase order line, in the Receive now field, specify the quantity to be received.
  • Click Confirm on the Purchase tab of the Action Pane.
  • Click Product Receipt in the Generate group of the Receive tab on the Action Pane.
  • In the Quantity list, select Receive now and enter the Product receipt.
  • Click OK and close the purchase order.

Step by Step

  1. Open Sales and marketing > Sales orders > All sales orders.
  2. Click New to create a new sales order.
  3. In the Create sales order form, select Customer account US-003 and then click OK.
  4. In the Item number drop-down, select M0052.
  5. Type “1200” in the Quantity field.
  6. Select Site 1 and Warehouse 11.
  7. Click Direct delivery in the New group of the Action Pane. The line that has the preferred vendor is automatically created. Select the Include check box next to the Vendor account = US-101.
  8. Click OK. The direct delivery purchase order is created. Close the infolog.
  9. Click Header view and then click the Address FastTab.
  10. Click add icon and enter all information needed. Click OK.
  11. Click Purchase order in the General tab of the Action Pane.
  12. Click Update all lines to update the delivery address.
  13. Click Header view in the Purchase order form.
  14. Click the Address FastTab to view the updated address on the Purchase order.
  15. Click Line view, and then click Edit.
  16. In the Receive now field of the purchase order line, type “500”.
  17. In the Purchase tab of the Action Pane, click Confirm.
  18. In the Receive tab of the Action pane, click Product receipt.
  19. Select Receive now quantity in the Quantity field.
  20. Type a number in the Product receipt field and then click OK.
  21. Close the Purchase order form and the Sales order form.