Top 10 new features in D365FO August 2022 version update

Top 10 new features in latest D365FO platform update

This is an overview of my personal favourite new features in each Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations version updates, made publically available.

Application version 10.0.28 – August 2022

For Features activated in the Feature Management workspace, I have listed these in the given modules. I have also mentioned modules where they could as well have been mentioned – in my opinion, at least.

For all details, please refer to Platform updates for version 10.0.28 of finance and operations apps (August 2022) – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

Accounts payable

New vendor balance list report to reflect posting profile changes.

This feature provides a new vendor balance list report which correctly reflects vendor balance after main accounts are changed in the vendor posting profile.

Accounts receivable

Update collection status when payment manually settled

This feature will update the collection status when a payment is manually settled outside the payment journal. Previously the collection status was only updated if the invoice was settled in the customer payment journal.

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This is listed under Accounts receivable. But it could also have been Credit and collections Accounts receivable, et al.

Credit and collections

Prevent update picking quantity and release to warehouse if a sales order is on credit hold.

Long awaited feature; almost a bug fix – well, almost! Who would initiate a pick if the sales order is on hold? “Depends”, I guess.

This feature checks for a credit hold on sales orders when updating the pick quantity from the sales line item. Previously, the pick quantity could be updated even if a sales order was in credit hold. This feature will prevent a pick quantity on the line and not allow the release to the warehouse if the sales order is in credit hold.

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This is listed under Credit and collections. But it could also have been Sales and Marketing, Accounts receivable, etc.

Customer interest notes creation process performance improvement

Not a shiny new object; just plain valuable to get performance improvement in a daily tool.

Customer interest notes creation process performance improvement.

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This is listed under Credit and collections. But it could also have been Accounts receivable.

Expense management

Auto default “Intercompany project category” in expense mobile app

Any member of the traveling band of consultants – like myself – will appreciate this – tiny – feature.

Enabling this feature will auto default “Intercompany project category” in the expense mobile app based on the selected expense category.

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General ledger

Option to display the main account category on the trial balance.

This feature lets you add the main account category as a column on the Trial balance list page.

A Display main account category option has been added to the menu under the Columns to display button on the trial balance.

Since the Main Account Category is something I insist on during training, helpful as it is for filtering and analysis, I am a fan of this small but very useful feature!

Inventory and warehouse management

Enable intercompany on-hand only to show nonzero on-hand quantity

This feature lets you choose whether items with zero on-hand quantity should be included in the intercompany on-hand list. You can control this option using the “Don't show items with zero on-hand quantity in the intercompany on-hand list” setting, which this feature adds to the “Inventory and warehouse management parameters” page.

Master planning

(Preview) CTP for Planning Optimization

This feature adds a new delivery date control type called “CTP for Planning Optimization”, which provides confirmed delivery dates for sales order lines when the current dynamic master plan is run. This delivery control makes capable to promise (CTP) functionality available when you are using Planning Optimization.

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(Preview) DDMRP for Planning Optimization

The Demand Driven MRP is hot for D365FO, so expect to see many features released over the coming months.

This feature adds functionality that enables Planning Optimization to support Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) principles. It builds on the functionality of the “Priority-based planning for Planning Optimization” feature, so you must enable both features to implement DDMRP fully.

This feature enables you to:

  • Calculate the decoupled lead time of items.
  • Specify decoupling points in inventory.
  • Manage min, max, and reorder for decoupling point items
  • Create supply orders for decoupling points according to the specified values and prioritize them according to their net flow position.

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Project management and accounting

Update labels for revenue recognition-related forms and processes in Project Operations

This feature streamlines some of the naming conventions used in Project Operations forms. Enabling this feature will change the “estimates” term used in the forms related to revenue recognition to “revenue recognition”.

This is listed under Project management and accounting. It could also have been Project operations, but wait, that is not an F&O module – I think…

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(Preview) Transfer all lines with posting errors to a new Project Operations integration journal

The feature improves the Project Operations integration journal experience.

When enabled, the system will post all the correct lines in the journal and create a new journal for all lines with errors. Users can review the journals with such lines in Project management and accounting > Journals > Project Operations integration journal by filtering the journals with the field “Original journal” populated.

This is listed under Project management and accounting. It could also have been Project operations, but…

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A perfect 10?

Perhaps not; feel to make yourself heard in the comments below!


Application version 10.0.27 – June 2022



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