Now you can read your Skillpipe manuals offline – like D365FO MOCs

Now again it is possible to have offline access to your Skillpipe manuals, including MOCs like MB-300 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core Finance and Operations.

I had this question from students repeatedly over the last couple of years, ever since the earlier feature was removed.

Skillpipe download and offline access is back

I just noticed the other day, that Skillpipe updated the reader, and then I noticed this:

Skillpipe manuals available offline

Unable to find any news about the Online / Offline and the obvious Download button, I got in touch with their friendly support and got this immediate answer:

“What has changed [in Skillpipe]? 

 Offline access to single course 

In Skillpipe, you can now download the course you are currently reading. Once downloaded, you can switch into an offline mode to access the content without an internet connection. In offline mode, all included text and images. Features that require an active internet connection are disabled, such as adding or editing annotations. To access all available Skillpipe features and pages, you need to switch back into online mode.

Content encryption for online and offline usage

A precondition for the release of an offline feature was to ensure that the content is safe. We have implemented a content-encryption mechanism that protects downloaded content and increases security against online content hacking attempts. The entire content available in Skillpipe has been encrypted to add this extra layer of protection. We have updated our publication pipeline to apply the encryption feature to all new or updated content.

What's next? 

In our next release, we will extend the offline feature to the user's bookshelf. Users can download all courses available on their bookshelf to access them without an internet connection.

We decided to release the offline feature iteratively, so this release is only a first step on our way to becoming an offline reader. Please note that the offline feature released today is limited to the course you are currently reading. We continue working on extending the offline feature as described above.”

Skillpipe – Offline Access to Courseware (Phase I)  

And then I got hold of the newsletter with the announcement::

Arvato is proud to announce that a new Skillpipe feature that will enable access to courseware without a connection was released on January 13th. This update provides students with the option to access a single course while working without an internet connection. To use the offline feature, students download the course they are currently reading, the feature then allows the student to switch into offline mode and enable them to access downloaded content without an internet connection.

*Note- Skillpipe features that require an active internet connection, such as adding or editing annotations or multimedia content (like videos), are unavailable in offline mode. To access all available features and pages, once they have access to an internet connection Skillpipe users will need to switch back into online mode using the toggle option in the upper right corner of the reader window.

What's next?

This release is the first step on providing more offline features. Arvato will continue working on extending offline functions and expanding abilities to include the entire student bookshelf.

Stay tuned for updates on future newsletters.


I am looking forward to the next update of Skillpipe, so more courses can be accessed offline.

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