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Discrete Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

November 13, 2017 @ 09:00 - November 16, 2017 @ 16:00 UTC+1

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This 4-day course Discrete Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is for those, who want to master the Discrete Manufacturing functionality in AX 2012, thru principles overview, set-up and everyday examples and business scenarios, as well as plenty of hands-on labs.

The first part will cover the Basic Discrete Manufacturing in AX 2012, and the second part is dedicated to the more Advanced Discrete Manufacturing topics.

Please note that Process Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing are separate courses, adding skills to the ones obtained in this Discrete Manufacturing course.

Typical participant profiles:
The course is for production staff, controllers and production cost accountants, and others in an organization that is responsible for the setup and administration of production functionality and financial impact, as well as accountants, super users, consultants.

It is essential to have participated in our course Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 or in other ways have obtained equivalent knowledge.

It is also a must to have participated in our course Products and Services in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 or in other ways have obtained equivalent knowledge.


200-300 (Intermediate – Advanced).

During this 4-day course in Discrete Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you will work hands-on with our hands-on labs with guidelines for AX 2012.

Outline (overview)

  • Define and Maintain Manufacturing Capacities
  • Define Production Processes Data
  • Manage BOM Cost and Price Calculations
  • Process Production Orders
  • Production Inquiries and Reports
  • Production Control Module Configuration
  • Subcontract Work Production Orders
  • Scrap, Waste, and Measurements
  • Advanced Production Order Scheduling
  • Define General Ledger Integration for Discrete Manufacturing
  • Define Material Policies for Discrete Manufacturing
  • Master Planning Essentials
  • Intercompany Master Planning
  • Demand and Supply Forecasting
  • Manage Planned Production
  • Introduction to Manufacturing Execution

Topics covered (details)

Introduction to Discrete Manufacturing Basics

  • Core Concepts in Production
  • Setup and Interconnectivity
  • Overview of Production Process
  • Production at Multiple Sites
  • Example Multisite Production Scenarios
  • Overview of Additional Production Enhancements
  • Lean Manufacturing (overview. Please note our separate course Lean Manufacturing)

Bill of Materials

  • Understanding BOMs
  • BOM Versions
  • Overview of Creating BOMs
  • Creating BOMs in the BOM Form
  • Creating BOMs in BOM lines Form
  • Change a BOM
  • BOM and Item Configurations
  • BOM Calculation
  • BOM Scrap
  • BOM Measurements
  • BOM Reports

Calendars and Resources

  • Working Time Template
  • Calendars
  • Resource capabilities
  • Resources
  • Resource Groups
  • Operation Scheduling Percentage, Efficiency, and Exclusivity
  • Capacity Planning and Finite Capacity
  • Create and manage Resources

Operations and Routes

  • Operations
  • Cost Categories
  • Cost Groups
  • Route Groups
  • Routes
  • Scrap
  • Route Networks

Parameters, Production Orders and Life Cycle

  • Production Parameters and Journal Names
  • Production Orders
  • Production Process Overview
  • Production Status
  • Estimation
  • Optional Advanced Settings
  • Manually Create a Production Order
  • Configure a Production Pool and Assign a Production Order

Production Scheduling and Subcontracting

  • Scheduling Options
  • Operations Scheduling
  • Job Scheduling
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Master Planning and Planned Production Orders
  • Locking Production Orders
  • Dispatching
  • Subcontracting
  • Run a Resource Schedule

Control and End Production

  • Estimation and Scheduling
  • Release Production Orders
  • Start Production Orders
  • Production Consumption
  • Report Production Orders as Finished
  • End Production Orders

Inquiries and Reports

  • Production Inquiries
  • Standard Reports
  • Transactions Reports
  • Journal Balance Reports
  • Analysis Reports
  • Production Papers Reports

Inventory Dimensions in Production

  • Product dimensions
  • Storage Dimensions
  • Tracking Dimensions
  • Set up Storage and Tracking Dimension Groups
  • Allocating Batch and Serial Numbers
  • Production Order Reservations
  • Trace Batch and Serial Numbers

Subcontractor Work

  • BOM Line Types
  • Purchase Orders
  • Production Orders
  • Operations
  • Create Resource with Resource Type Vendor
  • Purchase Items for BOM from Subcontractor
  • Use a Subcontractor to Produce an Item in the BOM

Advanced Production Scheduling

  • Production Groups
  • Production Pools
  • Resource capabilities
  • Properties
  • Route Groups
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Splitting a Production Order
  • Configure a Production Pool and Assign a Production Order

Scrap and Waste

  • BOM Scrap
  • Resource Scrap
  • Route Scrap
  • Costing Of Scrap/Waste
  • Add BOM Scrap and Run Calculations
  • Set Scrap Percentages on a Route

General Ledger and the Production Series

  • Production Order Life Cycle Review
  • Ledger Settings
  • Production Journals
  • Posting Profile in Production Groups
  • Production Cost Overview
  • End Production Orders

Implementing the Production Series

  • Setup and Interconnectivity
  • Implementing Production Checklist
  • Setting Up Production Parameters
  • Modify Data Types
  • Setting Up Products and BOM
  • Setting Up Resources
  • Setting Up Operations and Routes


Price for this course includes training manuals, training environment, food and beverages during the training.

Training manuals
We will provide our own developed and updated AXcademy training materials and/or training materials from Microsoft.
Training manuals are provided printed and/or as files.
Each student will receive copies to annotate and keep.

Training environment

During the training, each student will have access to their personal copy of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 training environment (with standard Contoso demo data) free of charge.

After the training, you will continue to have access to your personal training environment – including your labs – absolutely free of charge for 3 months.

To ensure the best possible learning environment, a world-class instructor with loads of real-life technical experience in AX 2012  is in place, and the number of participants is limited to 10 students.


Food and beverages
Food and beverages are provided during the training hours.
•Light breakfast before start
•Morning break
•Lunch of high quality and variety
•Afternoon break
•Water, coffee/tea, soft drinks, fruits throughout the day.

(Actual offerings vary depending on the actual training location. For special food requirements, please ask well in advance of the class start date)

Not included
Any certification exams

MOCs 80314 and 80315 used for Discrete Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Based on relevant parts of Microsoft training materials MOC 80314 “Discrete Manufacturing Basics in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”

Based on relevant parts of Microsoft training materials MOC 80315 “Discrete Manufacturing Advanced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”