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Glasspaper MSFTUniversity

Glasspaper & Microsoft University
Oslo, 2021

The Microsoft University (MSU) project is a collaboration between Microsoft, Glasspaper and Microsoft partners and customers. In 2019, MSU was named the most attractive trainee program in the IT sector for the fourth year in a row. Over six weeks, 100 recent graduates attend training in sought-after Microsoft technology, taking certifications to assess their knowledge and skills at the end.

AXcademy developed and delivered customized training for Glasspaper in August 2021, Hroar Henrikson Business Manager for Glasspaper shared their experience.

How did you find out about AXcademy & why did you choose them?

“Unfortunately Glasspaper was let down at the last minute by the training provider due to deliver the D365FO specialisation. On recommendation, we contacted AXcademy for help.

AXcademy were able to jump in and get started with very little lead time. We met with them on Wednesday, when they presented us with a training plan, and by Monday morning they were delivering the training on location as promised.

Their proactive and dynamic approach not only helped us deal with a challenging situation, but also demonstrated their dedication to putting their clients first.

We were impressed by the extensive knowledge the team has in D365 training, and particularly with their background in graduate training which was exactly what we needed.”

What did you like about the trainers’ approach?

“The depth of expertise of Finn, Andreas and Denis was evident in their delivery and their ability to demonstrate how the theory translates into meeting actual business needs enabled students to easily relate to the learning. The teams’ comprehensive knowledge of the technology was evident throughout.

The course materials were well structured, but flexible enough to adapt to the students’ needs when required.

While delivering the training, the AXcademy team on-location developed a custom case study for the students which gave them a tangible project to work on and relate to. This ‘learning by doing’ approach made the training as close to ‘real life’ as possible which enhanced the students’ whole experience.”

What measurable benefits have you seen since working with AXcademy?

“The training received from AXcademy gave attendees both the ability and confidence to take the knowledge gained into the workplace and hit the ground running on billable projects.

The students who completed the D365FO training excelled with a 94% pass rate.”

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