Dynamics AX 7

Dynamics AX 7 brings fantastic new productive functions

Dynamics AX 7 brings fantastic new productive functions

It is no secret that we have been waiting – and planning- for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX for years. I guess that Microsoft too has been waiting, and my personal feeling is that AX 2012 R3 was the AX 7, except that it isn't cloud based. But from an application/functional point of view, the majority of new things is already out there.

Still, Dynamics AX 7 brings fantastic new productive functions. And with a release slated for 2016 Q1, news are finally becoming public.

Mike Ehrenberg, Microsoft Technical Fellow, yesterday made public some interesting facts about the Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 – even though he didn't actually mention “7” or “007” or whatever the name of the game will be (probably not finally disclosed until Tech Conf in February 2016)

Of the many interesting notes, just a few highlights:

  • The all new HTML5 client will bring the client to all modern browsers
  • The universal app will work across platforms, including iOS and Android
  • Workspace, improving further on a personal favourite (the AX 2012 “Role Center”)
  • Task Guides, an integrated user training mode that will help new users carry out business processes with guidance on-screen
  • Business Intelligence; AX with SQL and Power BI will bring embedded “near real time analytics”
  • Predictive capabilities using Azure Machine Learning (finally make AX better able to learn dynamically, long time wish)
  • Cortana will help navigating AX using voice commands (now finally AX will act, when I speak out the navigation path…)
  • “Outstanding Office 365 and Skype interoperability”.
  • Expanding the capabilities of Lifecycle Services (LCS)

All made possible thru the cloud, the Microsoft Azure cloud that is, and very much worth the wait I would say – if all delivers as promised. We will see – pretty soon, in fact…

Why not read more about why and how AX 7 brings fantastic new productive functions in Mike Ehrenbergs blog post

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