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Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services

Why use Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2015)

Why you should use Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation

Lifecycle Services (LCS) is a Microsoft Azure based portal that creates a collaborative environment and provides a set of regularly updated services to help businesses better manage the application lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation.

In simple words, LCS brings together all relevant and important details required for implementing and managing Dynamics AX systems. It is a comprehensive tool that brings everything together at one place and helps enable high quality and predictable implementations.

Everyone including business analysts, IT administrators, project managers and developers can benefit from the LCS tools. There are a variety of reasons why one should use Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, here are a few of them.
Business Process Modeler

This allows you to create, modify and view planned Microsoft Dynamics AX business processes to suit actual business requirements. This helps tracks the gaps between the processes built in Dynamics AX and your business processes.
Issue Search and Management

Lifecycle Services contains a list of all resolved and open issues pertaining to Dynamics AX that have been reported to Microsoft. You can sort this list by product version and it also includes the items and workarounds that have been reported but will not be fixed.

Built-in Project Management

If you have some experience with implementation projects then you would surely be aware of Microsoft Sure Step Project Management Methodology. You can access this directly from Lifecycle Services project. With every project phase you enter, you will be recommended document templates and tasks and you can upload your own timelines, files and project documents as well.

Better collaboration

LCS is cloud based and allows you to easily and effectively collaborate on projects. You can share projects across the organization and also outside the organization with those assisting you with your Dynamics AX solution.

System Diagnostic

You can get messages and indicators about the system’s health just by entering the system information. You can manage multiple environments simultaneously and use the graphic reports to review results.
Upgrade Analysis Tool

Lifecycle Services has analysis tool that collects and analyses your existing code such as model store files and AOD to help you plan a Dynamics AX upgrade.

Regulatory Alert Submission

LCS has an alert submission that allows users to submit regulatory changes that may impact Microsoft’s localized solutions. By flagging and reporting any upcoming regulatory changes, you can trigger timely changes in Dynamics AX.
Regular updates

You might be surprised to know that Lifecycle Services is reviewed for additions and improvements as a monthly release, and because it is a web tool you don’t need to install any upgrades. All you need to do is log in and enjoy new features.

LCS has a host of features and a lot more are on the way, and these tools help deliver right information to the right people at right time helping you stay in control of the project.

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