AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics Certification Exam MB6-703

AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics Certification Exam MB6-703

This preparation guide includes information and tools to assist you in preparation for the exam.

Target Audience

Individuals wishing to obtain a certification on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics should take this exam. This audience typically includes product designers, store managers, sales and purchase managers, salespeople, purchasers, and other people responsible for bill of materials (BOM) setup and administration, trade and logistics, inventory and warehouse management, and product information management.

Exam Specifics

Skills Being Measured:

This certification exam measures your ability to understand and articulate how to use, maintain, and support Dynamics AX 2012 trade and logistics functionality, including managing the supply chain foundation, managing distribution and trade, and managing BOMs.

Time Requirements & Questions:

Dynamics exam times typically range between 60 — 160 minutes.  Note that this time does not include any additional time required for validating your identification, reviewing instructions, providing comments, and calculating your score.

Dynamics exams typically contain between 40 – 75 Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer questions


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Exam Preparation Tools

In addition to your hands-on experience working with the product, we highly recommend using the following tools and training to help you prepare for this exam:


80648: Supply Chain Foundation in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

80649: Distribution and Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

80650: Bill of Materials in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Supplemental Learning Resources:

Online Help within the Dynamics AX 2012 R3 product.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Candidates should have a basic knowledge of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 trade and logistics functionality, with knowledge of purchase and inbound operations, sales and outbound operations, and inventory management. Candidates should also have a working knowledge of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.


Exam Topics

Manage the Supply Chain Foundation (35% – 40%)

Manage product information

This topic may include:

  • define products
  • model configurable products
  • authorize and finalize product setup in a legal entity
  • configure units of measure
  • define products as not stocked.

Set up inventory management

This topic may include:

  • implement item Groups, item model Groups, and storage and tracking dimension Groups
  • configure warehouse management.

Manage purchase orders

This topic may include:

  • work with purchase orders and purchase order types
  • set up account payable purchase parameters
  • purchase not stocked items
  • ship to multiple addresses
  • set up and maintain a delivery schedule
  • change management
  • purchase order documents
  • process a purchase order
  • generate a receipts list and a product list.

Manage serial and batch numbers

This topic may include:

  • manage dimension group storage dimensions
  • implement manual allocation and automatic allocation
  • trace inventory.

Manage sales orders

This topic may include:

  • work with sales orders
  • sales orders types
  • implement full text search
  • configure sales parameters
  • implement sales orders for not stocked items
  • ship to multiple addresses
  • implement other sales order actions
  • configure enhanced delivery date control
  • set up and maintain delivery schedule
  • manage available ship and receipt dates, order entry deadlines, and direct delivery
  • generate a sales order confirmation and a sales order picking list
  • process a picking list registration
  • ship a carrier interface.

Manage quality and quarantine


This topic may include:

  • set up quality management basics
  • set up automatic quality order generation
  • create a manual quality order
  • work with a nonconformance
  • implement quality reports and certificates
  • set up quarantine warehouse parameters
  • manage quarantine items and inventory transactions on quarantined items.

Manage inventory journals and reports

This topic may include

  • set up inventory journals
  • implement inventory adjustment and movement journals, transfer journals, bill of material journals, and counting journals
  • create a journal-specific setup
  • create and process counting journals
  • tag counting journals
  • implement inventory blocking
  • set up ABC inventory classification
  • configure inventory reports and forecasting reports.

Manage Distribution and Trade (30% – 35%)

Manage over/under delivery and charges

This topic may include:

  • configure over and under delivery
  • add charges
  • configure price charges
  • implement charges codes
  • manage manual charges and automatic charges.

Manage customer and vendor trade agreements

This topic may include:

  • activate trade agreements
  • set up trade agreements
  • configure trade agreement parameters
  • set up trade agreement policies
  • configure supplementary items
  • configure purchase and sales agreements
  • agreement commitment types.

Manage item arrival and registration

This topic may include:

  • set up item registration
  • configure item arrival by using the arrival overview form
  • manage item arrival.

Manage vendor and customer returns

This topic may include:

  • create vendor returns and vendor returns for serialized items
  • set up customer returns
  • create a return order
  • implement item arrival and receipt registration
  • implement quarantine orders, replacement orders, and not stocked item returns.

Manage sales quotations

This topic may include:

  • set up a sales quotation
  • work with quotations
  • work with additional sales quotation features.

Manage item reservations

This topic may include:

  • why perform reservations and what you can reserve
  • implement manual reservations and automatic reservations
  • implement automatic reservations and selection of lots, explosion reservations, view reservations, lock reservations, cancel reservations, and batch reservations
  • pick reserved items
  • reserve serialized inventory.

Pick sales order

This topic may include:

  • enable sales order picking and setup
  • release sales order picking
  • manage picking operations.

Manage commissions

This topic may include:

  • set up a commission
  • view commission transactions
  • manage commission transactions for return items.

Manage transfer orders

This topic may include:

  • set up transfer orders
  • use the transfer order form
  • pick items for a transfer order
  • ship and receive a transfer order.

Implement and Configure Dynamics AX 2012 Bills of Materials (BOM) module (30% – 35%)

Create simple BOMs

This topic may include:

  • use the BOM form to create simple BOMs
  • work with BOMs in BOM Designer.

Create BOMs with versions

This topic may include:

  • BOM versions overview
  • create BOMs by using the Product per Company form
  • activate multiple BOM versions
  • copy BOM versions
  • change BOM versions
  • create BOMs with a version from the BOM form, BOMs with a version in the BOM Designer, and quantity dependent BOMs
  • work with validity dates and sub-BOMS on component lines.

Manage product change cases

This topic may include:

  • the product change case process
  • set up a product change case
  • associate entities
  • process a product change case.

Manage dimension-based configurations

This topic may include:

  • manage dimension-based configurations
  • implement BOM configurations and item configurations.

Work with BOM Calculations

This topic may include:

  • the BOM calculations structure
  • implement cost groups, profit settings, and calculation Groups
  • view costing versions and BOM calculations
  • implement cost and sales price calculations
  • implement Explosion Mode and BOM stop explosions.

Manage sales orders and BOMs

This topic may include:

  • configurable BOMS and sales orders
  • view BOMs in a sales order
  • explode a BOM from a sales order
  • calculate a BOM from a sales order.

Manage scrap and measurement

This topic may include:

  • implement BOM scrap
  • configure and manage BOM measurements.

Report a BOM as Finished

This topic may include:

  • report a BOM as finished.

Manage Reports and Other BOM Functionality

This topic may include:

  • manage standard BOM reports
  • manage other BOM functionality.

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