MB330 Supply Chain Management Exam Update
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All about the MB-330 Supply Chain Management exam update 2021-12-10

The MB-330 Supply Chain Management exam was changed on December 10, 2021.

There have been a lot of smaller changes, nothing really big. The overall sections remain the same, but the weight between them has changed somewhat. For the better, I think…

Do note the new sections (groups of topics) however, supposedly areas of interest at the exam

  • Configure additional product details
  • Manage Orders.

Below are the most important changes, primarily mentioning new or removed things. Smaller changes, like renaming or topics moved between groups are not mentioned – or not mentioned in detail.

  • New means completely new in the exam details
  • Removed means completely removed from the exam details, not just moved between sections.

Implement product information management (Was: 25-30%. Is: 35-40%)

Create and manage products


  • Differentiate between bills of materials (BOMs) and formulas
  • Create and manage product states during the life cycle of a product
  • Create product attributes


  • configure catch weights
  • create a direct-delivery product

Configure prerequisites for products

Section name changed and some topics moved to the next section


  • Describe use cases for Item groups

(NEW) Configure additional product details

  • create and print labels, including product, wave, and license plate labels
  • create and assign bar codes and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) codes
  • configure product unit conversions
  • configure default order settings
  • configure product filter codes

Manage inventory pricing and costing


  • Describe how price groups constrain pricing


  • Describe inventory costing methods

Implement Inventory management (Was: 15-20%. Is: 20-25 %)

(NEW) Manage quality

  • Configure and process nonconformances
  • Configure quality associations
  • Configure components for the quality control process
  • (Process quality orders)
  • (Process quarantine orders)
  • Apply inventory blocking
  • Create batch disposition codes

Implement and manage Supply Chain processes (Same: 15-20%)

Implement procurement and sourcing


  • Describe use cases for procurement workflows
  • Create purchase agreements
  • Create and process purchase orders that use change management
  • Configure vendor collaboration features
  • Create and process vendor returns


  • Configure change management processes

Implement common sales and marketing features


  • Describe how price groups link discounts to system tables
  • Describe sales order reservations
  • Configure sales agreements
  • Configure and process quotations, sales orders, and return orders
  • Configure quotations, sales orders, and return orders
  • Configure trade allowances and customer rebates


  • Configure and process inter-company trade relations documents

Implement warehouse management and transportation management (Was: 20-25%. Is: 15-20 %)

Configure warehouse management


  • Create and manage warehouse workers
  • Configure work policies and work break

Perform warehouse management processes


  • Describe the capabilities of the load planning workbench
  • Create cycle counting work (and Perform cycle counting)
  • Update inventory statuses


  • Process inbound and outbound orders

Implement Planning OptimizationMaster Planning (Was: 15-20%. Is: 5-10 %)

There have been just a few name changes.

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