How is the exam experience with the new MB-??? exams

This exam is much more than a mere multiple-choice exam. You will be tested by various question types, including some involving a live D365FO session.

Different types of questions:

  • Multiple choice
  • Yes/No
  • Block sort/sequence/pair/match: Drag and drop some processes/steps in the correct order to solve the problem, or match pairs of words/sentences/meanings.
  • Case studies: a scenario is given, with requirements and issues. You need to answer some questions that depend on the case study.
  • Possible: A hands-on lab part: More about this later (but it is a live D365FO!).

The combination of all these different kinds of questions makes up for a more difficult exam than in the past.

The hands-on lab

After finishing the questions and the case studies you might get a lab/hands-on part of the exam; a live D365FO virtual machine where you need to complete tasks on a live environment. Now, that is a real challenge!

Sequence – no going back

Sometimes the sequence of the question types seems to change. Be aware, that you cannot expect to go back and forth between all the sections.

If a section is a no-going-back, you will be duly warned in the exam

D365FO Exam overview

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