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MB 330 free trial course

MB-330 Supply Chain Management | Free trial course on-demand

This free trial demonstrates some of the tools used in our on-demand courses. Access free – user registration required Inventory, Warehouse, Transportation Management Study time expected: 1 hour Access for: 7 days

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Learn at your own pace 24/7

Whether you’re an individual wanting to improve your knowledge or an organisation looking to upskill your workforce, AXcademy on-demand provides an e-learning solution for all abilities.

Our virtual learning environment breaks each course module down into short interactive lessons enabling you to learn even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

With 24/7 access to your training, you can learn at your own pace, focusing on the topics you want and need to learn.

FAQ - On-demand courses

The standard access period is 90 days from date of purchase. 

Our on-demand courses are online, so you need an internet connection while learning

Yes, our free trial courses demonstrate our learning methodology, the use of various content types, as well as serving as an introduction to the course navigation.
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We try to make each course varied – to keep it lively and to address the various learner types. Some want to watch, some want to read.

Content types may vary per course, but typically include

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Presentation/PDF
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes/Test your knowledge questions
  • and more

We add courses on a frequent basis.

  • Certification preparation (MB-???)
  • Manufacturing
  • Development

We will also make smaller, more granulated courses available; like Free Text Invoicing, Sales Order processing, etc.

Absolutely! MB-300 is here, so is MB-310, and MB-330. And then soon MB-500, MB-700 – and in 2021.Q1, we will see MB-920 Fundamentals and MB-320 Manufacturing.
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You could opt for a free or for a quality VM.

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Our high-quality VM – specifically prepared for each of our On-demand courses – are available for purchase here