High-impact Microsoft Dynamics 365 learning programs to help you extract the most value from your ERP investment.

We offer instructor-led training in classrooms or online. Our online courses are available as Live Online or On-demand courses.

We also offer blended learning to maximize your learning experience – by a creative mix of classroom, webinar, and on-demand learning methodologies.

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Great knowledge of D365

Finn has a great knowledge of D365, knows the connections between the areas, their influence on each other. He can transmit knowledge, speaks simple language understandable to everyone.

Marta Rosa Functional consultant, XLUS S.A MB-310 D365Finance | Live Online Course

Broad knowledge and experience… very apparent

Steen has been very resourceful and exhaustive when it comes to the examples and knowledge of AX. It is very apparent that he has broad knowledge and experience.

Bharat Bambhaniya, Microsoft Manager AX 2012 Development Course Participant

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We combine extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, a proven teaching methodology, and the very best-in-class teaching technologies.

Our intellectual curiosity helps us tailor training programmes specifically to your business challenges, corporate culture, and existing skill levels.

Unique in our line of business, we focus only on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX training.

Nothing else.

Some people can teach, and some people know a lot.

Most people only do one or the other, and in some cases, neither.

An instructor, who do both things, is a rare specimen indeed. 

These are the ones, to whom you want to give your training dollar.

These are AXcademy instructors!