Join AXcademy for a bright career as an AX Trainer – part- or full-time

If you are looking for a bright career as an AX trainer, AXcademy will open up a world of opportunities for you. Part-time or full-time.

As we brace ourselves for an action packed year (believe us, we are booked almost back to back), we feel the need of more AX trainers in our team. Working at AXcademy does not just assure you of a good career progression and a chance to work with the industry leaders, it also gives you a chance to learn from Mentors, who are Microsoft Certified Masters, top solution architects, AX practice leaders; all in all AX thought leaders and Experts.

AXcademy currently offer AX training courses directly through our own customers/AX partners, as well as indirectly through Microsoft, major CPLS and other partners located across the world. Our training courses are not limited by location or language, and we have resources to deliver training in multiple languages and at remote locations.

Get in touch, if you would like to learn more about the opportunity to join the AXcademy team – being full-time or part-time.



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