Extending D365FO Processes with Power Platform – Live online course – 2023-05-11

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Welcome to your course, Extending D365FO Processes with Power Platform.


Course agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Power Platform technologies
  • Integrating D365FO and the Power Platform: an overview
  • Seamless business process with Power Automate
  • Integrating Power Apps into D365FO.

General information


Session dates and times

  1. Thursday, May 11, 09:00-12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00 CEST

Link to the virtual classroom (Zoom)

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Microsoft Power Apps documentation | Microsoft Learn

Power Automate documentation | Microsoft Learn

Finance and operations application documentation | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn


View the used presentations in a separate module in this course (after the class).

Training environment (VM):

Microsoft or service partners do not (yet) offer a training environment allowing for working with the integration of Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

So your instructor will use a custom-built environment for his demonstrations.

To give students the possibility to get acquainted with the Power Platform, we have included a full Power Platform training environment, complete with hands-on/exercises in the course, at no additional cost to students. It is available for 180 days. More information further below. Please do note that this is Power Platform only, no D365FO instance onboard these student environments.

Further information, including access (training key),  has been sent directly to each student.

Recorded sessions

View the recorded sessions for a quick recap in a separate module in this course (after the class).

Feedback after the course, please

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Documentation on Power Platform: Forever – according to the service provider (Microsoft).

Documentation on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: Forever – according to the service provider (Microsoft).

Presentations: 40 days from the course start date.

Extra materials (including recordings): 40 days from the course start date.

Training environment (VM): 180 days from activation (“save period” 7 days).

The full text from our service provider Skillable:

“The student can keep saving and resuming the same lab “instance” for 180 days. However, each time they resume the lab, the Clock will count down until the set duration of 16 hours is used up.

They can extend the lab in 15-minute increments until the Maximum Duration is reached, at which point there is a hard stop.

The next time the student launches the lab (perhaps as part of Post-class access), a new lab “instance” will be created with the full duration available.

“Save period of 7 days” means that the instance will be saved for 7 days after your last visit. After 7 days with no interaction, the instance will reset. At your next visit, a new lab instance will be created.”