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Become an ExFlow expert: On-Demand Courses for Finance Professionals

ExFlow AP is a powerful tool within Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, specifically designed to automate and enhance the efficiency of accounts payable processes. Effective training in ExFlow not only maximises the capabilities of this software but can also improve how financial operations are managed in the workplace. 

New for July 2024 are flexible on-demand ExFlow courses, convenient for those that don’t have the time to attend live training sessions or prefer a self-study online course. This flexibility allows you to integrate learning into your busy schedule, without disrupting your day-to-day responsibilities.

The Benefits Of Getting Upskilled With ExFlow

There are numerous benefits to getting upskilled with ExFlow, the training gives end-users the skills necessary to fully take advantage of ExFlow’s features including:

Streamlined Invoice Management:
Learn how to automate the entire invoice management process, from capture to payment, reducing the time spent on manual data entry and approval follow-ups.

Error Reduction and Compliance:
Understand set up proper workflows within ExFlow which will help to minimise errors and ensure compliance with financial standards and regulations.

Advanced Data Handling:
With courses like ExFlow Import Methods and Data Capture Basics, become skilled at managing data flow effectively allowing better decision-making based on accurate financial data.

Customization and Automation:
Training on advanced modules such as ExFlow Workflows and Batch Jobs or ExFlow Configuration and Setup will enable you to customize and automate processes tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Which ExFlow Course Is Right For You?

On Demand: Individual Courses or Bundle Options:
Whether you are new to ExFlow or looking to further your knowledge by learning specific skills there’s an on-demand course designed to cover each area of ExFlow. You can choose from individual courses or opt for a bundle which includes all seven courses and the optional test at a reduced price.  For superusers we offer a bundle of four courses at a discounted price. 

Each course is delivered using a variety of learning materials including videos, texts, and interactive exercises, designed to cater to different learning styles and ensure a thorough understanding of the ExFlow system.

With an on-demand online course you can work through at your own speed, and access the material anytime, and as all course materials are accessible online, you can learn from anywhere. Whether you have a few minutes between tasks or dedicated time set aside for professional development, the training is just a few clicks away.
You’ll have access to the course for 30 days so you can revisit your learning and practice your skills.

Test Your Skills

An optional test, which can be purchased separately, is available for those who would like to test their skill and receive an ExFlow Academy certificate. This test is not just useful for checking your knowledge but will demonstrate your expertise in managing financial operations using ExFlow AP in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and add credibility to your resume.

Who Should Enrol?

This training is ideal for accounts payable professionals, financial controllers, and anyone involved in the financial management within their organisation. By developing your ExFlow skills, you ensure that your financial operations are both efficient and compliant with industry standards.


Completing ExFlow training is an investment in your professional growth and the operational efficiency of your organisation. With the option to select individual courses or a comprehensive bundle, plus the opportunity to demonstrate your skills with the ExFlow Academy certificate, there’s never been a better time to upskill in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. 

Start transforming your accounts payable processes with expert-level proficiency in ExFlow.


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