Vacant position: Student Assistant – World Champion in SoMe

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2020)

AXcademy is looking for a student who can ensure our development on social platforms.

We do create content continuously. But to be honest, on a busy day, social media is not our primary objective, thus often an area of neglecting.

So we lack a skilled SoMe employee who wants to work in a small business, where the workday is changeable and dynamic and where you can help influence our company development and further growth.

You can get the right content out in the right way and are passionate about driving and creating content for our social media.

The tasks range widely. You must both act as a content provider with a view to the targeted message to the right audience, and be a sparring partner per overall communication strategy and activities.

As a person, you are empathetic, outgoing and with a good deal of ‘social intelligence', so you can access many different types of people. You get good ideas and can often deliver on them yourself. You are used to working on your own as well as in virtual teams and know it takes effort to get everyone working well together.


  • Relevant communication education focusing on digital media / SoMe (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Practical experience creating content for social and digital media from other jobs and always eager to try out new trends and initiatives
  • Major consumer of social media, new digital trends and preferably with education, IT interests
  • Experience in image processing and video editing programs as well as a good eye for what works visually on social media


  • Strong command of English/American, so you can create content without additional proofreading being required
  • Worked on segmented content based on customer profiles
  • Experience in developing and inventing new ideas regarding social media
  • Expert for taking/finding photos and making SoMe-friendly videos.
  • Navigate and set up ads in LinkedIn as well as in Facebook and Instagram – perhaps even adding GoogleAds skills
  • Adding content to our WordPress based website

Terms of employment

DKK 150 per hour.

The position is part-time – 10-15 hours per week initially. This might increase if you are spot-on for this position and you want to invest more time – but no requirement.

Basically, you plan your own time, though just once in a while we might have some short deadlines for content, as well as required meetings (normally virtual).

Our physical offices are located in Tune, Denmark. But our dynamic workplace is located in the sky, using Zoom and other cloud-based tools for collaboration.

You work from home (or wherever you choose) and rarely have to meet in at our office (or other meeting points somewhere in the world).

We offer good colleagues from around the world, with high professionalism and great enthusiasm in an extremely dynamic industry.

Here's how to apply

Send application and resume to