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D365FOE One voucher depreciation

D365FO One voucher depreciation

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

I try to read – and even understand – the Release Documentation for every D365FO update.

But since the hot-of-the-press Dynamics 365 Spring (!) '18 Release Notes is a staggering 222 pages (just 40 for my turf D365FO), at first skimming thru I nearly missed this rather crucial bit:

The One Voucher functionality is depreciated – from Fall. Right now – Spring – it will “just” default to Off in GL Params.

So I guess, on any not-yet-live projects, I would leave it off – and then see, what the promised “functional gap filling” is all about, before promising the customers anything in this area.

Quote MSFT:

“One voucher deprecation

The existing functionality for financial journals (general journal, fixed asset journal, vendor payment journal, and so on) lets you enter multiple subledger transactions in the context of a single voucher. This functionality is referred to as “One voucher.” The One voucher functionality causes issues during settlement, tax calculation, reconciliation of a subledger to the general ledger, financial reporting, and more. Because of these issues, the One voucher functionality will be made obsolete. However, because there are functional gaps that depend on this functionality, the functionality won't become obsolete all at once. Instead, we will use the following schedule:

• Spring '18 release – The functionality will be turned off by default, through a General ledger parameter. However, you can turn the functionality on if your organization has a scenario that falls in the business scenario gaps that are listed in the One voucher documentation.

o If a customer has a business scenario that doesn't require One voucher, don't turn the functionality on. We won't fix “bugs” in the areas that are identified in the One voucher documentation if this functionality is used.

o Stop using One voucher for integrations into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, unless the functionality is required for one of the functional gaps.

• Fall '18 and later releases – The functional gaps will be filled. After the functional gaps are filled, the One voucher functionality will be permanently turned off.

See the One voucher documentation for detailed information about the use and deprecation of this functionality.”

Link to the full Dynamics 365 Spring (!) '18 Release Notes