Understanding the Dynamics 365 for Operations Implementation Lifecycle

Our course Understanding the Dynamics 365 for Operations Implementation Lifecycle Tooling is your chance to align your project team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (D365O) is a full cloud ERP system with a strong and extensive toolset – with Lifecycle Services (LCS) as the centerpiece that brings everything together and, from where you manage your D365O implementations and projects.

From inception to operations, your implementation methodology, your processes, support, analysis, developing and deploying customizations, and multiple assets, to managing your interactions with Microsoft who manages your production environment, you need LCS.

It’s also a major technological jump forward with a completely new user, administration and a developer experience fully based on Visual Studio and VSTS. VSO, BI or better PowerBI, Office 365 and the wide array of Azure services that you can leverage in innovative ways.

Add to the soup a very strong new data management story, provisioning and managing environments, and then add extensive telemetry.

Understanding this toolset, and especially LCS, is critical to successfully implementing D365O, and ramping up on all of this is no walk in the park for anyone.

So plan to train your implementation teams. They need it to align everyone around the process across the breadth of functions needed for the implementation, from project managers to system administrators.

The good news is that AXcademy is now offering the Dynamics 365 for Operations Implementation Lifecycle training course, using very experienced trainers/solution architechts, already having multiple D365O project exposures as well as many years of real life project work with previous versions.

This course is offered as open classes in various locations, as well as being available as closed/company specific sessions.

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