Purchase requisitions in D365FO (Masonite)

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This course is tailor-made for Masonite staff and will provide you with a thorough understanding of the Procurement flow, starting with a new Purchase requisition and ending with receiving the goods and services requested.

You can select quick guides or more detailed lessons with further details. Videos are used in most places, especially for quick guides.

Throughout this course, we will explore essential concepts such as creating a new Purchase requisition, submitting it for approval, monitoring requisition status, and confirming the receipt of goods and services requested.

By the end of this course, you will not only be proficient in executing Purchase Requisitions in D365FO, but also empowered to drive efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness in Masonite's procurement operations.

This complete course includes

  • Course Introduction
  • Quick guides
  • Deeper dives
  • Other course materials (incl. exercises and quizzes)
  • Extend your knowledge.

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