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This course update is work-in-progress. We expect the update to be complete on February 15th.

Please enjoy the modules ready so far. And for the rest, please refer to the MB-310 Finance, also included in your course access.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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0: Course overview (MB-310 - 202010Upd
Module Content
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1: Overview of Dynamics 365 Finance (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
2: Set up and configure financial management (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
3: Implement and manage shared configuration for AP and AR (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
Module Content
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Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps
4: Implement and manage accounts payable (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
5: Implement and manage expense management (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
6 Implement and manage accounts receivable and credit and collections (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
7: Configure and manage budgeting (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
8: Configure and manage fixed assets (MB-310 - 202010Upd)
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